Attendance and Sign-In Procedures
Common sense and research suggest that being in school consistently is essential to
ensure children gain a strong foundation for subsequent learning. Students have to be
present and engaged in order to learn. They are gaining basic social and academic
skills critical to ongoing academic and life success, so it is important that staff, parents
and students be familiar with the WOLCS Attendance Policy.
Absences and Written Excuses
Whenever a student is absent from school, the parent must send a note to the
teacher, on the day of his or her return stating the reason for the absence. A written
excuse is required for every absence. Please bear in mind that excessive absences
are a serious matter. (See the policy below)

  • Illness (doctor’s verification may be required if absences are excessive)
  • Family Emergency (i.e. death in the family, car accident, etc.)
  • Medical or Dental Appointments (Please make every effort to schedule all
medical appointments after school hours. When your child visits your doctor
because of illness, please ask the doctor for a note stating that it is OK to reenter
school. Students who have a contagious illness, a fever or persistent
cough should not be brought to school.)
  • Approved Planned Absences (see Planned Absence section)

When a child misses school due to one of the above excused reasons, the school
is happy to provide make-up work within the following guidelines:

1. Please call the school before 11 am in order for the staff to ensure that the take
home work will be available for parents to pick up in the school office by 5 pm.

2. The teacher will give work that is relative to the day’s lessons but completion of
this work will not guarantee that children will be caught up with the class is
when they return.

3. The student will generally have the number of days of the absence to make up
daily work excluding a two or more day planned absence. (Example: If absent
on Monday, work is due on Wednesday.) In case of a planned absence, work
is due upon return.

4. Students should expect to make up quizzes and tests within this same time. The
sooner the assignments and tests are completed the better, so the student can
focus on the current work in the classroom. Papers and projects which are
assigned two weeks or more prior to their due date must be turned in on the
day a student returns to school from an absence. Where frequent or
intermittent absences cause long delays in completion of homework, a
teacher may institute a five school day deadline on all materials due. Such
action is to be taken after consulting the Elementary Principal.

It is best to schedule family vacations when school is not in session. Students must be
current with their school work, and have no less than a 2.0 grade average, and must
not have excessive discipline issues in order to receive approval. In the event that a
vacation must be taken during instructional days, please follow this procedure.
1. Fill out the Preplanned Absence Form (available in the school office).
2. Two weeks’ notice will allow the teacher time to prepare lessons for the student
to take along on vacation. This work will be due when student returns to
3. Any tests or quizzes that the student misses may be given when the student
returns to school.
4. In the interest of the entire class, please keep in mind that lessons cannot be retaught,
therefore students may lack understanding of concepts taught while
they were absent.
5. We encourage parents to make every effort to use the time away from school
as an educational opportunity for their children and to do whatever is
necessary to maintain student academic progress.
  • Planned absences are approved at the discretion of the administration. Please ask
for the required form from the attendance clerk in the front office. Preapproved
planned absences are exempt from the count toward excessive absence status.
  • The student and/or parent fail to comply with the guidelines for excused or planned absences.
  • The student is absent from school without parental permission.
  • The student has been suspended from school.
  • A note from a parent will not excuse an absence for the above stated reasons.

Students are expected to be punctual for all events, especially for the start of the
school day. Students who arrive late disrupt the learning process for the rest of the
class affecting both the teacher and the other students. Often the most brain
intensive activities are scheduled at the start of the day causing the tardy student to
miss foundational instruction. A student is tardy if he/she is not in the classroom ready
to learn at the regular start time for the day.

1. Five (5) tardies = one absence

2. All tardies are unexcused

3. Tardies may result in lowered grades and loss of perfect attendance,
academic or citizenship awards.

Students must be in school at least four (4) hours of the school day to be considered
present for the day.
1. If you are planning on signing your child out early, please notify the office
before school starts.
2. Three (3) early check outs = 1 unexcused absence
3. Sign your child out in the office (do not go directly to classroom) and a
message will then be sent to the teacher.
4. If your child is returning to school, parent must sign student in to get an admit
5. A student who is absent for more than 3.5 hours of the school day may not
participate in any extracurricular activities held that same day.

We are committed to the spiritual growth and academic success of every
student. Excessive absence has a high correlation with poor academic
performance at all levels from Kindergarten through high school. Water of Life
Christian School complies with mandated state legal and education codes, as
much as deemed educationally sound and not contrary to our Christian
principles. While we recognize there are extenuating circumstances, the
following policies have been put in place at all grade levels to ensure student

Excessive absence is defined as fifteen or more excused or unexcused absences
during the school year. The numbers of absences are not
to exceed five days per

When a student’s combined absences (both excused* and unexcused),
tardies and/or early sign-outs become excessive, he/she may be in danger of
having their grades lowered, be in jeopardy of failing the grade level, require
summer school attendance or result in the child being asked to withdraw from

As part of the ministry of WOLCS to students and families the school provides the
following support to prevent absences from becoming a problem:

phone call on the first absence

3 days unexcused absence (19.5 hours of lost instruction) =
  • staff phone call to parent
  • possible student and/or parent conference with an administrator

5 days excused* or unexcused absence (33 hours of lost instruction) =
  • staff phone call and letter
  • possible parent conference with an administrator (may include
  • attendance contract with student and/or parent)
  • required written documentation of reason(s) for absences
  • citizenship and possibly other grades affected10 days (65 hours of lost instruction) excused* or unexcused absent =
  • staff phone call and letter
  • mandatory parent & student conference with an administrator
  • collaborative plan of action developed with the Student Study Team
  • written documentation of reason(s) for absences required (exp. Dr.
  • note)
  • citizenship grade lowered, student ineligible for academic honors

Any student who is absent more than twenty days excused or unexcused may
be retained at the same grade level, or be required to make up excess days of
absence in the summer.

5 tardies in a marking period = tardies become an absence
  • staff phone call
  • possible student conference with an administrator
  • possible detention or service project assigned
  • list of remediation’s to parent

  • Preapproved planned absences exempt